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  • I attended the SEAK conference this weekend and attended your lecture on Foot &Ankle Conditions, which was excellent! It will change the way I evaluate and treat ankle sprains in the future! We have tremendous medical systems in Central Mass and Boston, but I would feel more comfortable with a recommendation from you regarding my client, so that she gets the thorough review of her injury and treatment options that she needs. Thank you, in advance, for your recommendation. Take care!

    – Dena Stetson, NP, Teamwork Occupational Health at Milford Regional Medical Center

  • I have been seeing Dr. Nakra at Ankle and Foot for over 3 years. I have had a total ankle replacement and heel repair; She is AWESOME!

    – R Cappello in Flagstaff, AZ | Aug 26, 2016

  • I shattered my foot at the age of 13 and I underwent reconstructive foot surgery with Dr Nakra. I have not had any problems since, in fact I just won a silver medal in the Olympics. I’d say my foot works pretty darn good.

    – Sam Dorman – 2016 Olympic Silver Medalist

  • Dr. Nakra was very helpful and kind; showed her interest in the participants.

    –  Attendee Surgeon, DPM, FACFAS

    Arthroscopy of the Foot and Ankle Surgical Skills Course – Rosemont, IL

  • It is a pleasure to thank you for your excellent forensic assistance. We certainly enjoyed working with you and look forward to the benefit of your expertise in future cases.

    – -Lead Counsel
    Baltimore, Maryland

Foot and Ankle Medicine and Surgery for Adults and Pediatrics
Independent Medical Evaluations, Chart and File Reviews
Nerve Injury, Chronic Pain and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Expert Witness, Testimony, and Depositions
Ligament and Tendon Injuries/ tears /ruptures including Ankle Sprains, ruptured Achilles tendon
Diabetes and Foot/Ankle Pathology including Wound care, Charcot foot and ankle
  • Thank you for an excellent content rich presentation. Your remarks were very well received and will help the attendees, their companies, and thousands of their patients.

    – Steven Babitsky, Esq., President, SEAK Inc.

  • Dr. Nakra is not only a personable and pleasant individual who is easy to work with and trustworthy when it comes to expert testimony, but she is also very diligent in her review of case materials and her devotion to bringing the proper and due attention to cases.

    Atlanta law firm specializing in medical malpractice defense, professiona liability, construction litigation, and healthcare law

  • When it comes to extensive knowledge and experience on everything ankle and foot Dr Aprajita Nakra is the person to go to. She treats you with respect and is wonderful to talk to, always answering all your questions. Surgery as an option is only offered after all other option are exhausted. I had reconstruction surgery on both feet and I’m extremely happy with the results. I highly recommend her for any ankle or foot problems.

    – Tracey Fejt

  • I went to Dr. Nakra for a MTP joint fusion after my bunionectomy surgery (by another podiatrist) “failed”. Her referral post-surgery to physical therapy was also highly successful. She is truly an expert in her field of practice. I would highly recommend her to anyone. I truly wish there was a Dr. Nakra in every city. I honestly feel I can walk again because of her.

    – Irene L.

External Fixation of Foot, Ankle and Leg
Total Ankle Replacement
Foot/Ankle/Pilon Fracture, Sprain, Dislocation
Lacerations and Puncture Wounds
Calcaneus and Lisfranc Fracture
Professional Consultations

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